Original IQOS accessories in Dubai, UAE.

From many scientific pieces of evidence, we can say that switching to IQOS can cause less harm to your health than to continue smoking. On the other hand, we are not saying that IQOS is totally a risk-free option; even this product is not for non-smokers or minors as well. IQOS stands for-I Quit Original Smoking; that means without original harmful smoking, IQOS is offering you to have a chance to enjoy smoking. We are giving an opportunity to the Dubai people to have a taste of IQOS through our website.

In general, accessories are things of equipment that are not usually necessary, but which can be used with or added to some other items to make it more useful or sometimes only for decoration purposes. In our website, you will get all the necessary accessories for your IQOS device which will improve your device, repair the device if required, and last but not the least, it will decorate your device to increase it’s looks too.

Luxury IQOS Charger Holder, Car compartment Astray & USB Charger Accessories-

This is a kind of IQOS accessory which will give you the benefit of three accessory items for your IQOS at the same time. This can hold your IQOS charger, it can easily fit in your car, table or other flat surface areas; this holder also comes to you with stainless steel inner astray which has protection cup filler with a LED light setting inside it. Even this IQOS holder cum astray can also charge your device within 3-5 minutes approx. In this way, this IQOS accessory is working as a 3 in 1 device for you. If you remove the screw, the upper and lower sections will be separated from each other, and then you can use these two parts separately. The charger holder design will make it easy to fit in the car cup holder, even it is convenient to carry in the bag too. And lastly, the additional box of this accessory will carry the car ashtray charger and a USB cable.

IQOS leather cases:

These IQOS leather cases accessories are made of tanned vegetable leathers with magnetic buttons on it. And most importantly, some of them are handicraft. This case will provide reliable protection to your IQOS from drops and hand moistures. Its exquisite texture will give you a feeling of comfortable touch and it’s anti-sweat & anti- fingerprints features will give you a feeling of fresh and clean using experience. The cut-out design is as clever as it allows you to access of all switches, charging hole, buttons and indicator light of the IQOS device. It’s quite easy to put on and remove, it’s really lightweight, and of course, easy to carry wherever you want to.

We have varieties types of leather cases in our stock such as some cases are hand sewn which gives it an unique look; some cases are having two separate chambers for your IQOS and heets, it has many colors like black, red, purple, pink, even it also has printed textures. These IQOS accessories are unisex and while you are planning to gift these cases to your loving one, it will be amazing. Sometimes, in the anniversary Husband and Wife get trouble to choose gifts for each other. For them, it’s a great option to gift this IQOS accessory without any tension.

Super Stickers only for IQOS:

These stickers accessory will give your IQOS a new avatar, a new feel of individuality. These stickers will make it more stylish, at the same time, it will protect your IQOS from getting scratches. Even in the party, when all the devices of friends are kept together, it will be really helpful to find out your unique device with these stickers on.

These stickers are a kind of accessory which seems very easy to put on, and if you feel like changing it after some time, you can do it easily to replace the old stickers with another new one. These stickers can come with many themes like- football, cricket, your favorite movies, cartoon characters, flowers, animals, and so on. Among all these themes, you can easily find your type of sticker to decorate your device.

Leather Pouch for IQOS electric Cigarette:

For the vaping people all over the world, one problem is common that is un-organization of the vaping device which just always gets mixed with other stuffs of the bag. To solve this problem, we are introducing an accessory which is a leather pouch with a magnetic button which is washable as well as waterproof. This unisex pouch has compartments which will give you the facility to place one cigarette pack, the cleaning blush, 34 cleaning q-tips and the main device. This pouch can easily be place in your bag and will never mess with other things. Even, it also has some cardholders to place important cards. This pouch is so easy to carry as you can also carry this pouch in your pocket too.


Original Battery for IQOS charger Box:

This is one of the high-quality repair accessories. Sometimes our device remains okay but the battery goes out of order. Then we need an additional battery to run the device. Thinking thus, we are introducing this useful accessory which is the original single batteries for your device. There are two brands for original batteries, one is LG and the other one is of Panasonic brand.

We also have other repair accessories for IQOS like repair tools, heaters, cleaning water and DIY accessories.

Cleaning Cotton Sticks:

These cotton sticks are made of high-quality cotton material, long-lasting, firm, stable and nontoxic for the device as well as the users. Cleaning with this cotton sticks will keep your device safe and ensure the protected electronic supplies for the device. These cotton sticks are very lightweight as it is easy to carry while you are in travel or in a business trip.

Electric Cleaning Accessory:


This is an electrical cleaning accessory for IQOS. This accessory will help you to remove both solid and liquid tobacco residues from the holders. It’s a more easy process than cleaning with the cotton stick. Cleaning is important for an IQOS device, because if the residues are not cleaned properly and timely, then these will severely affect the taste of the cigarette as well as the enjoyment of smoking. This cleaning device is specially designed with a cleaning brush that can both clean and absorbs all the residues and tar. An unclean device can also make you have major health problems, so clean your IQOS device timely with our electric cleaning accessory. This accessory’s portability makes it quite easy to carry anywhere you need to.

Our website is a Dubai based website, we are delivering all over Dubai. This IQOS device is becoming popular among Dubai adults day by day for its health benefits and it’s super comfortable usage. As a result, the demand of the accessories of this device is increasing rapidly. We are suggesting you that if you want to have luxurious smoking without fewer health damages you should switch to this IQOS device as soon as possible and get the IQOS accessories from us. We are just one click apart.

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